7-Day Quality Sleep Challenge

It’s finally here!! “Do More in Less Time” with The 7-Day Quality Sleep Challenge starts tomorrow January 8th 2017. A simple productivity hack that can have a tremendous impact on the quality of your life. Quality Sleep doesn’t necessarily mean more sleep. Find out how in this challenge and “Do More in Less Time” because you’ll have..
..more energy, be in a better mood, feel well rested, increase mental performance and so many more benefits that will allow you to..
…accomplish more tasks in your projects because of the increase in energy
…have a competitive edge in your workplace or personal business because you can think clearer and faster with an increase mental performance
…manage stress & anxiety more efficiently with feeling rested
…laugh more with family and friends as a result of a better mood

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Starts Sunday, January 8th 2017

(Participants qualify for a Free drawing for a Quality Sleep starter kit with a bunch of goodies)

Powerful Blab Workshop host by Diamond & Ana

Are you living with a sense of Adventure in your Relationships? Business endeavors? Health & Wellness journey or…

Posted by 60-Day Adventure with Ana and Diamond on Monday, March 14, 2016

Diamond and Ana are Adventuring on a Special BLAB Workshop – Subscribe here


 The 1st 60 Day Adventure with Ana and Diamond wrapped up and we had an amazing run with our now Adventure Warrior Graduates!

Our next 60 Day Adventure with Diamond and Ana starts April 1st 2016. Stay tune for more information.

What are celebrating the end of our 1st 60 Day Adventure with a Crushing Comfort Zones and Defying Odds Blab Workshop hosted by Diamond and Ana. Subscribe to the BLAB Workshop *here*

 We have a line-up of Special Guest Speakers.

We are all in the drivers seat on the highway of unlimited potential. Join us in this journey. Dynamic Force “STORM & PHOENIX”  Defy the Odds with Diamond by Diamond Rodriguez is joining forces with Conlin Creative Resources, LLC, Ana Conlin EPIC Coaching .


Join our next 60 Day Adventure with Diamond & Ana

We just wrapped up our 60 Day Adventure with Diamond & Ana and it was a blast!! Our participants crushed comfort zones, had break-thrus and defied odds. We also has an incredible line-up of 8 Guest Speakers who spoke live, such as Sifu Karl Romain from Transformation-U,  Doug O’Brien- Master NLP Trainer, and Geoff Woods from The Mentee Podcast, just to name a few. They shared unbelievable offers for our participants. We have a Crushing Comfort Zones and Defying Odds Workshop coming up on Blab. Subscribe for updates is this link – Blab Workshop

Join our NEXT 60 Day Adventure with Ana & Diamond April 1st 2016

See “60 Day Adventure” Tab for more Information  < More Info>

Are you ready for a powerful 2016 year of are serious about breaking through your comfort zones and defying what is at odds in your life with a dash of FUN??

We are all in the drivers seat on the highway of unlimited potential. Join us in this journey. Dynamic Force “STORM & PHOENIX”  Defy the Odds with Diamond by Diamond Rodriguez is joining forces with Conlin Creative Resources, LLC, Ana Conlin EPIC Coaching . We starting strong and ending 2016 on fire.

adventure awaits


The Defy the Odds with Diamond Team is strategizing…

We are on a mission to inspire, impact and share tools that gets results to millions of people “Defying Their Odds” and live a life with no limits! Share with us what areas in your life you would like to improve whether in relationships, business/profession, personal growth, health and parenting. Send me a message through the contact tab or post a comment below. Stay amazing!

Who Wants To Go on a Adventure for 2016?


I have the powerfully dynamic and phemonenal accountability buddy and Fire Walking Soul Sister, Ana Conlin. She is a specialist and a respected professional in her field and we feel so blessed to be launching a 60-Day Adventure/Challenge in January starting 2016 right! Open registration will launch soon, TBA. If you want to untap your unlimited potential by defying odds, getting out of a comfort zone and start 2016 with full force launching the best version of yourself in many levels of your life join us for an amazing adventure where we will all grow together, explore, have fun and step into greatness. Together WE RISE! Are you ready for an adventure?
Check out Ana’s EPIC Coaching page if you haven’t already. This joint venture needed to happen. It just made sense. Be prepared to find a better version of you in the end on this 60-Day Adventure/Challenge.
As my Accountabiliy Buddy said best, “We are in the drivers seat on the highway of unlimited potential. Join us in this journey. Dynamic Force “STORM & PHOENIX” Conlin Creative Resources, LLC Ana Conlin EPIC Coaching is joining forces with Defy the Odds with Diamond. We are ending 2015 strong and starting 2016 on fire.
If you would like more information on our upcoming adventure comment below. We will be launching more information shortly.”

Why I started this website…


It was the eve of my birthday on February 9, 2015 when I was inspired to share the following in a GoFundMe account. I committed to myself to make a radical change this year and boy did I. However, I did not do it alone. Even though my GoFundMe account produce little returns which I’m extremely grateful for, I have been blessed above and beyond my original request.  My original motivation in making this site was to attached it to my GoFundMe so everyone could see my progress, but I get to share my success instead and teach others to defy there odds in a growing coaching practice.  To give back and contribute to the lives of others, I will share what I have learned from many successful people I have crossed paths with and techniques I have developed on my own. Welcome to DefytheOddswithDiamond.com!

[Posted 2/2015] “Donna Rodriguez is a courageous wife and mother of two looking for some help in teaching her children that dreams do come true. Donna has battled two different autoimmune diseases, including one that she has been fighting for the past 19 years. Donna suffers from a particularly aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis that had previously left her bedridden. She slowly and bravely worked her way up into a wheel chair (9yrs), then worked on standing with a walker, and now uses crutches to move around.

She pushes on because her heart breaks every time she realizes she still isn’t strong enough to carry her two-year old child. Donna wants to run a 3.5K race, complete an obstacle course, and train for a fit competition. The training and therapy needed are incredibly expensive. Donna dreams of completing the training to get the strength to hold her baby again and to show her children that anything is possible. Donna has already made it out of the wheelchair and onto the crutches. With your help she can move from the crutches to the finish line. No donation is too small. Please donate today.

Donations are to cover expenses such as rehab therapy, pain management services, training for running and competition costs as well as other expenses necessary not covered by medical insurance. The donation is calculated to cover 12 months of expenses to get Donna competition ready. Stay tuned to this link for the website information to track Donna’s progress and join her on this defying journey.”