About Diamond

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Diamond Rodriguez grew up with loving, hardworking parents who sheltered her from the world. But, Diamond has an unconquerable spirit and drive to make her own way in the world.

Diamond attended a leading university in New York’s financial district where she was accepted into Phi Chi Theta and NABA, She work in the corporate tax department as an accounting intern at one the nation’s leading banks. Diamond won several academic honors, including student of the year. While attending school, and against her parent’s advice and wishes, Diamond left home and opened her own business at a young age.

Diamond’s determination, strong work ethic, and her love of helping people made her business a fast success. When the source of her school funding suddenly dried up, Diamond worked even harder at the business. But, as she started building the business, she also started experiencing strange symptoms which later was diagnosed as a debilitating autoimmune disease.

She pushed ahead with her work, continuing to grow the business almost 10 years, until her condition forced her to leave the business she loved. Her body grew weaker every day until she couldn’t even walk. She sought medical care but the modern day conventional medicine had little to no affect.

Eventually, she was admitted into a physical therapy facility by her doctor. There she began to doubt she would ever walk again. She was told at a foot clinic she was prescribed to visit that her feet would become permanently deformed and that there was nothing they or she could do. Diamond left the clinic knowing she could do better and didn’t need their “encouragement”. Her muscles atrophied and her condition worsened. However, Diamond through her faith in God and her incredible spirit began to build back the lost muscle through many practices, application and research of a variety of methods including neuroscience, nutritional, biblical and holistic medical advisement.

Diamond is still battling with her body for over 10 years. She has moved from a wheel chair to a walker, and is determined to be able to walk again on her own. During that time she started a real estate business with her husband; and with a scholarship, she also returned to school on the Dean’s List studying Entrepreneurship and later completed her CPC & MBC certifications. During her search for recovery, when her daughter was still an infant, she also applied her training in Right Brain Education with the focused on a child’s brain development.

Since the birth of her daughter, Diamond is more determined to overcome and recover from her condition. Her life has proven that limitations are solely a matter of perspective. Her passion to enrich the lives of others, drives her to share her training, experience with others and expertise. She finds inspiration in guiding and leading others with seemingly impossible odds to overcome their struggles. Diamond is looking to create a dynamic impact in the personal and professional lives of her clients by providing tools proven to be successful, a coaching style that invokes focus, direction and determination from within her clients to get results.

Diamond’s Personal Mission:

 To live a life characterized by intimacy, integrity, credibility, dynamic impact,  positive influence, a fit lifestyle, proactive achievement and healthy family/financial success. I believe fully-heartedly in God FIRST so in turn, I fully trust in the abilities that He blessed me with. I also trust that He is instructing me in the BEST way to use these abilities.