pexels-photoWhen I became pregnant with my daughter, I did what any first time parent would do. I researched, asked questions to qualified individuals, and surfed rigorously through the internet for an answer to the question, “What is the BEST way my husband and I should raise our daughter?” Her overall development (which includes health, mental, & emotional) is the top category on my list. It was disappointing to find out that when it came to education, the United States educational system is behind in compared to the World and in some countries by 2 years.  What that meant to me was I couldn’t solely rely on the educational system to educate my daughter. I concluded I would need to supplement before she started school. So I began homeschooling my daughter before she could walk which turns out is a common practice in Malaysia and other places. My research eventually lead me to Right Brain Education and Right Brain Kids.

Right Brain Education stems from studies conducted by Dr. Ornstein and Dr. Sperry who identified the characteristics of the Left & Right brain. Glenn Doman and many others used this research to develop techniques for children ages 0-6 in a pivotal time in a child’s brain development.  Right Brain Education methods has been proven to nurture and develop signs of genius in children.  In my blog “Defy in the Odds in Parenting” I dig deeper into this topic and share with you what I discovered. I sincerely feel this practice applied correctly in young children will eliminate a lot of the common anxiety they experience when they are in school. It is interesting that these practices are happening around the world in international early learning facilities. I hope to bring awareness and attention for our children here in the U.S. and help our kids be the best equipped as possible, not only in attending school but living a quality life.

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